meets a passion for QUALITY

Our mission for clinical excellence has led us to develop a cost-effective, integrated informatics platform that keeps your pathology laboratory at the forefront — sourcing relevant and proven resources that not only allow your laboratory to compete, but link it to tools that truly elevate it to excellence.

  • Integrated Informatics Platform
  • Unrivaled adaptability and customization
  • Seamless integration
  • All modules function independently or in combination
  • Client managed or assisted connectivity to EMR platforms
  • Unique specimen tracking and chain of custody
  • Comprehensive sales, marketing and client relation management system


IT'S HERE — a unique integrated informatics platform designed by pathologists to meet the needs of any pathologist, from small independent laboratories to large academic centers. Now with QDxAxis™, your pathology laboratory can compete with the industry's best and biggest. Link up to leverage a full and comprehensive web-based integrated informatics platform utilizing state-of-the-art technology, reporting and specimen tracking technology.